If you feel that you are experiencing a mental crisis such as feelings  of hopelessness, despair, or intense distress, online service through this web site is not meant to take the place of a crisis center or emergency responder. Please call 911 now or click here for a list of crisis centers in the state of Missouri.

If you are not currently in crisis, but instead looking for information or resources for crisis management and safety plans, you can start by creating your own crisis safety plan to help regulate your emotions and managed your mood by utilizing the safety plan template provided here.

imagesIf you are not sure a what mental health crisis is, some keys factors may include but aren’t limited to behaviors such as suicidal ideation or thoughts, homicidal thoughts or threats, acute psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions, sudden changes in mental cognition, and or violent behavior. These symptoms require emergency evaluation and possibly hospital admission.

If you are not experiencing a crisis, but are looking to schedule an appointment please click the schedule button.

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