Although I have acquired education in psychopharmacology; No! However, after the initial intake assessment and evaluation of your situation, we will discuss if “we” feel you need to schedule with a psychiatrist or your primary care physician, who are medical doctors (MD) (DO), and allowed to prescribe medication.  Medication is part of a medical doctor’s (MD) (DO) specialty and area of expertise.   My area of expertise would be mental health (psychological functioning and or impairment/cognition). Both physical and mental health care are imperative to total well-being, and most people don’t realize how they are both intertwined; they effect each other.

Psychopharmacology and psychotropic medication may not be necessary for all clients, and should be considered as a supplemental tools along with therapy, and not as a cure or fix all for your situation. However, if determined necessary, psychotropic medications can be very helpful when used appropriately.

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