Tina C. Christian is keeping track of the COVID-19 pandemic and taking precautions as recommended by the Missouri Department of Health and the CDC guidelines. Due to Covid-19 counseling therapy services have been modified until further notice. Telehealth services are available to reduce COVID exposure. If you feel that you are experiencing a mental crisis such as feelings of hopelessness, despair, or intense distress, online service through this web site is not meant to take the place of a crisis center or emergency responder. Please call 911 now or click here for a list of crisis centers in the state of Missouri.

I am only an in network provider with Missouri Medicaid and United Healthcare, as well as the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan through MO Medicaid. I am not a provider in any other insurance network.

My fee for an initial intake session (60 minutes) is $115. My fee for marriage/family counseling is $90.00 per 60 minute session. My fees for individual counseling is $75 per 45 minute session, and $110 per 60 minute session. Please note that insurance carriers generally only pay for 45 minute individual sessions. Sixty minute sessions have to be preapproved, and are approved as medically necessary on a case by case basis.

However, I offer a sliding fee scale for a limited amount of individual that qualify through the use of Open Path Psychotherapy Membership. It is $49 for a lifetime membership, which will entitle you to 60 minute sessions at a reduced rate of $60 – $80 instead of $90 for marriage counseling; and individual at the reduced rate of $30 – $60. My initial intake rate for Open Path members is $80 instead of $115. Rates agreed upon with the client will be based on each client’s financial situation and needs. The Open Path Psychotherapy membership allows members to use any therapist in the Open Path Psychotherapy Network, should they decide that they want to change therapist. For additional information about Open Path membership, please visit: Open Path Psychotherapy

I give homework assignments because a 1 hour session a couple times a month is generally not sufficient in resolving most individual traumas or distorted beliefs. I use a couple of different workbooks and then sometimes it may just be activities that are assigned. My style of counseling is generally Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), which is focused on helping clients change irrational beliefs and unhealthy behaviors. It can sometimes be somewhat confrontational, as it will call the person out on their mess (making excuses, justifying and or rationalizing unhealthy behaviors).

An initial client intake form is required and submitted online through a secure HIPAA compliant form.

For additional information and frequently asked questions please visit: FAQ

Currently appointments are generally being offered Tuesday – Thursday from 1pm – 7pm, based upon availability. Please note that all appointment request have to be approved by the provider.

You may also call or text the provider for appointment request at (816) 873-1968 for faster response.

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