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*Please note that if you do not have a schedule appointment your visit request will declined! 

To schedule an appointment please call (816) 873-1968, email [email protected]. or click image to go to online scheduler calendar.

My service online fees range from $30 – $160 depending on the service and possible discounts or financial assistance (sliding fee scale).

I accept American Express, Cash, Discover, Health Savings Account, MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa.

I am not in network with any other insurance companies, so any services are strictly client pay services. 

Click schedule appointment button only “IF” you’ve:

  • Completed the online counseling intake (individuals or couples),
  • Completed the online ESA intake,
  • Completed the coaching intake, or
  • Want to take advantage of a free 10 minute phone consultation before scheduling an appointment (please note that a 15 minute video consultation is also available upon request).

If you “HAVE NOT” completed the online intake forms to request an appointment, you may do so below: 
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