Faith in oneself will bring about irrefutable, growth, change and success. There is no greater motivation than self-motivation. If you believe, you can and will achieve! That is not to say that it will come without hard work and perseverance, but if you are self-motivated then determination will be your driving force of your success.

Things to Consider in Your Journey to Success

Visualization can play a key role in your journey to success. Mental imagery is the ability to imagine your success; imagine you doing or being what you are aspiring to do or be! Real simple! Envisioning your success will enhance not only your motivation, but also your confidence.

Goal setting is a very familiar term that is often misunderstood, as people often make astronomical goals that unfortunately cause discouragement before they are actually even achieved. The key to goal setting is to set REAL goals (realistic, achievable, estimable and literal) short-term goals.

Creating REAL goals starts with establishing a to do list of all of the things that you want to accomplish. Next, list all the objectives that will have to be achieved in order to accomplish each list item. Once that is completed you are operating with a list of more literal goals. Then break those all down into time-specific goals, by categorizing those into short-term and long term goals, such as daily, weekly, one month, six months, one year, five years and even ten years. This will help make them more manageable. Each smaller goal accomplished will provide immediate self-gratification, which will spark even more self-confidence and self-motivation.

Time management is also a very important competent in this process. Determining the amount of time you will need to commit will help structure your process further, For example, you may want to determine exactly how much time daily, weekly or even monthly you will spend towards certain goals. This will help simplify the process and making the process even more manageable.

The bottom line is, Rome was not built in a day and nor will you! Patience is truly a virtue, as anything worth doing is worth doing well and takes time. Focusing on REAL goals will help prevent you from making hasty decisions, help you to pace yourself, and help prevent you from becoming overwhelmed, burned-out or stuck in your journey to success. Remember determination and persistence has unlimited power! Self-actualization can be reached through self-motivation. Stay encouraged!