Political DistressGlancing at any social media forum or media broadcast, it becomes quite apparent that it’s that period where political views are profuse and emotions run wild.

There is a common conception that there are things that bring conflict when discussing with other people; politics and religion. They both instill some very rabid opinions and viewpoints. Trying to get someone of a different political party or different religion to see things from your political or religious point of view will often be met with objection, disagreement, and protest.

In light of it all, it has drawn my attention to how people are being impacted. With so many steamed up perspectives and collision of beliefs, it is bound to have a negative effect on the emotional state of many. So many people are fired up about what they believe to be true or false in regards to political candidates/parties, and many are exercising their freedom of speech to profess it. That in itself is not adverse. However, it is the act of debating or challenging others beliefs that bring about consequent hostility. I’ve noticed that when that occurs, it appears to stir the pot and opens a door of disrespect of others beliefs and just downright rudeness.

Debating with respect for others position and beliefs is quite healthy. Healthy debating consist of truth, hearing others out, being respectful, admitting not knowing, and giving credit where credit is due. Most of the conflict is raised by the unhealthy political debate, which is infused with hatred, disrespect, know-it-all attitudes, assumptions and or presumptions instead of facts. Low and behold, that is when the emotional anxiety kicks in and the beginning of what I like to call political distress starts.

Distress due to politics is nothing new. If people internalize or become to enmeshed in the agenda of unhealthy political debating, it could really cause a significant amount of emotional unhealthiness. Politics in itself is a zoo. Add argumentation and you have yourself a breeding ground for some psychological distress. Political debates have often been referred to a circus. If you think about the idiom, it is self explanatory (political entertainment). With all the personal attacks, the lack of facts, deception, and corruption in political debates, it seems to be a craving being fed to the spectators. However, just like some of these televised reality shows, it lacks enrichment or true quality.

The objective is to keep yourself sane and emotionally collect. Here are some suggestions on how you can avoid entanglement in this political circus and avoid political distress.

Avoid the debates with other of different or opposing political views.

Debate fair including respecting, listening to, and crediting the opposing viewpoints and opinions when worthy.

Remove yourself from debates that take on a negative or unhealthy tone.

Be open-minded, investigative and do your own research to substantiate facts.

Be willing to agree to disagree without hostility or anger.

Never let a political debate destroy a friendship/relationship.

Remember, we are all entitled to our own opinions and viewpoints. We don’t have to agree with someone’s opinion to be respectful of them. Debating is not an arena for personal attacking others due to their beliefs, advocating hatred, deception or spreading fallacies. Try to think of debating sas a formal discussion with integrity, dignity, and poise.

Happy and healthy debating to you all!