My time is my money. Time is not just priceless but invaluable simply because once we’ve lost it, we can never get it back. So to some, I may just seem impatient when I refuse to stand in the long lines at Wal-Mart; or take the side streets instead of sitting in stand-still traffic. Still, to some I may seem like a lazy cook because I’ve found alternative methods to prepare quick meals. However, to others I may seem kind of smart and organized because of the methods and short cuts that I’ve created to reach the same results faster in my work. Well I always say, “Work smarter not harder!”

If I can preserve some of my invaluable time by paying the few cents more at another store, taking the scenic route to my physical destination, serve not so gourmet type of meals, and get more work done in less time and still be equally productive; call me whatever you want, but you can’t call me wasteful! In this day and age of the hustle and bustle, effective time-management is primary. With a few change in one’s routines, imagine all the other things that can be accomplished in the time saved. Time really doesn’t wait for no man.

A few keys tips to making your time more worthwhile:

Get organized
Prioritize tasks
Don’t take on unnecessary task of others
Plan in advance
Block out distractions with necessary
Use a calendar and organizer/planner