Tina C. Christian is keeping track of the COVID-19 pandemic and taking precautions as recommended by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the CDC guidelines.  In response to Covid-19, counseling therapy services have been modified until further notice.  Telehealth services are available to mitigate the spread and exposure of COVID. 


Life’s challenges can get us down. Challenges can cause impairments in our lives, preventing us from reaching our maximum potential and overall total well-being. Challenges like stress, health issues, relationship conflicts, abuse, irritability, depression, and traumatic events, to name a few.  Only YOU can make the choice to feel better. Let Tina C. Christian, LPC, NCC, TF-CBT Trained be your ally in your journey to reaching your maximum potential and or total well-being.

If you feel that you are experiencing a mental crisis such as feelings of hopelessness, despair, or intense distress, online service through this web site is not meant to take the place of a crisis center or emergency responder. Please call 911 now or click here for a list of crisis centers in the state of Missouri.

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